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What to use

For soiled skin, and at the beginning of a shift use soap and water.

For subsequent cleansings use alcohol based skin cleanser for 15 seconds.

Wash hands with soap and water after every 10 alcohol cleansings or if hands become soiled or the alcohol cleanser accumulates.

Keep your nails short and clean.

Patient's Hygiene

Offer patients alcohol hand cleanser after they have touched contaminated surfaces.

Have alcohol based cleanser available in the waiting room, for example at the front counter.

Hand Drying

Don't use common towels or reusable cloths to dry your hands. Disposable paper towel is best

Between Patients

​Use alcohol cleanser between patients and on surfaces that will be in touch with a patient, such as stethoscope diaphragms, fetal ultrasonic detectors or dermatoscopes.

​When to cleanse​

Before and after using the toilet or eating.

After touching your nose or sneezing

After touching common surfaces, like toilet door knobs.

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Hand Cleansing