Headache Case Studies Seven & Eight

Case Study Seven

Laura is a 26 year old woman weighing 90 Kg and a BMI of 35.
Over the past month she has had a gradual buildup of a severe non remitting generalised headache. 


On occasions her vision has become a bit blurry but after a few minutes it resolved. 


She has usually been well except for her obesity. Her current medications include the oral contraceptive pill. 


On examination her BP is 125/65 and pulse 80 and regular. 


Fundi revealed bilateral papilloedema. ​


Other neurological examination was normal

Case Study Eight

Mark, a 55 year old accountant has been developing headaches of increasing severity over the past 4 weeks. He has had episodes of blurry vision and the headaches are worse when he bends forward.
On examination his BP is 230/140 and his pulse is 90 and regular. ​


He has retinal haemorrhages in both eyes and papilloedema. A recent blood test showed rising creatinine.


Retinal Haemorrhages with papilloedema