Paediatric Genital Abnormalities


Very large umbilical hernia.

umbilical hernia

Right inguinal hernia

Large right indirect inguinal hernia

Large indirect left inguinal hernia

This is a large reducible indirect inguina; hernia needing repair

This is the hernia reduced

Releasing the hernia, it tracks down the canal to the scrotum again

Herniae in the umbilicus close spontaneously. Paraumbilical herniae wont close and may need surgical correction for cosmetic reasons or pain.

Inguinal herniae are important as they have a risk of bowel obstruction, and in the female of having an ovary in the herneal sac.

Infants with an inguinal hernia need urgent referral to a paediatric surgeon for herniorrhaphy within a week.
Obstruction within a hernia presents with acute onset of pain and vomiting and the hernia will become firm as the contents become oedematous.