Professionalism and ethics


The professional and ethical role of a general practitioner is identified by the RACGP as one of five domains of competent unsupervised practice. The RACGP curriculum states “The GP’s professional and ethical role relates to their behaviour with respect to patients, colleagues and the community. Professional and ethical role includes the following areas: duty of care, standards, self-appraisal, teacher role, research, self-care and networks.”


In this module the registrar is expected to complete a reflective activity before the teaching session. During the session, the registrar is to discuss two case studies and their responses to the reflective activity with their supervisor. The case studies raise aspects of professionalism and ethical practice. Brief notes for the supervisor are included. The module should be completed during a one hour face-to-face teaching session.

​This module forms part of a larger teaching program for professionalism and ethics at Valley to Coast.

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect upon professional codes of ethics

  • Understand the rights of patients to access competent, compassionate care, to be fully informed, and their right to self determination

Pre-session activities

Teaching methods


  • Registrar to discuss with the supervisor the case studies and responses to the reflective activity

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