Eye Problems

Case Studies 1 & 2

Case Study One

Joan, a 45 year old school teacher woke from sleep today with a sense of discomfort in her left eye.
She was very concerned when she looked in the mirror to find a bleed in her left eye.
She is currently well but has some arthritis in her knee and has been taking ibuprofen intermittently. She is on no other medications.
She reports normal vision. She is normotensive and is on no medications.

Case Study 2

John a 40 year old accountant presents with a red right eye that is painful. It started on the friday and progressively worsened over the weekend.
The pain in the eye kept him awake last night. He has a headache. He has a history of back pain that has been an intermittent problem over a number of years and has been flaring up more recently.
On examination his vision tests at R 6/36 and L 6/6. He report his vision is blurred on the right eye and he has some photophobia.